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Listen to Daphne Uliana, Advisory Board Member discuss Dyslexia on the Keystone Education Radio podcast. 


Meet the Moms Pushing for a Reading Overhaul in Their District

By Stephen Sawchuk


Hooked on phonics? Not in this school district, and parents say the result is kids can’t read.

by Kathy Boccella



New Podcasts featuring 

DLN Advisory Board Member Jamie Lynch.


Emily Hanford recently wrote an article and recorded a podcast examining why American kids aren't being taught to read well.


"After it published," she writes, "we got a ton of questions, mostly from parents. So we went to the experts to get answers."

Two of those experts are


Advisory Committee Members

Kate Mayer and Alison Dryfoos-Mazzie

Read what they had to say.

Read & Listen

Emily Hanford recently wrote an article and recorded a podcast about the reasons children are not being taught to read. 


Read the article and listen to the podcast HERE.

See the update on this article -- it features two of DLN's Advisory Committee Members.

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